Jocelyn Scofield has been teaching for 12 years and performing for 17 years. One of her greatest joys as a teacher is to help singers find their voice and unique sound while building a foundation of lasting vocal technique and fostering their overall musicianship. Jocelyn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music Education from Michigan State University where she studied jazz and classical voice, vocal pedagogy, composition, as well as early childhood music.  She is also certified in the Gordon Music Learning Technique specializing in ages birth through five.

Testimonials from Jocelyn Scofield's Students:

“Ms. Scofield is a genuine talent, and an even more genuine person. She is both a seasoned and skilled musician. Trust Ms. Scofield with not only the details of your voice but the aspirations of your heart.”

--Julia – Santa Monica, CA

“Ms. Scofield is the best teacher ever! We have to read music in choir, but our teacher doesn’t teach us! Ms. Scofield has helped me overcome many obstacles and I learn something new every week. And I love her voice!"

--Caroline – Hollywood, CA

“I have always had a passion for singing, and Ms. Scofield works with me and helps me to not only understand the music but to make it my own in a style that works for me. Ms. Scofield has such a beautiful heart for those around her. I have been blessed to work with her.”

--Adam – Glendale, CA

“Ms. Scofield is a wonderful musician, gifted communicator and a true encourager. She is a winning combination for students who are interested in taking their vocal abilities to the next level.”

--Natalie – Chicago, IL

“I was absolutely terrified the first time I sang in front of Ms. Scofield. I thought I would never get over that. But now I can’t imagine my life without her as my vocal coach. I brag about her to anyone who will listen! Ms. Scofield has an amazing gift and I love that she is so willing to share it. She not only cares about me reaching my musical goals but actually cares about what’s going on in my life. She is a blessing I never knew I needed…thank you, Ms. Scofield.”

--Jeanine – Silverlake, CA

“Wow! Ms. Scofield has been wonderful the short time that we have been with her and we can’t wait for what the future brings! As a parent, I’m so excited about her working with my daughter (and my daughter LOVES her). I would say, definitely check her out!”

--Jeff – West Hollywood, CA

“Ms. Scofield is so amazing at teaching. When I have a question or am confused, she always has an answer or goes and finds it. I’m so glad I found her. Thanks Google :) I am excited to see her each week and I know she can help me reach my goals.”

--Philip – Los Angeles, CA

“I love going to my lesson each week. Ms. Scofield really knows how to make learning and practicing music so much fun. I have grown so much as a singer and as a person from her guidance. I have had bad experiences with past voice teachers and I learned nothing from them. She is not only my hip, wonderful, talented teacher, she is also a role model. Thank you, Ms. Scofield!”

--Sarah – Los Angeles, CA

Jocelyn teaches voice (jazz, classical, or pop voice) piano, ear training, and songwriting.  During lessons, she tailors instruction carefully to the specific needs of her students, regularly focusing on releasing tension, breath and support, tone quality, stylizing, and ear training.  Through the years, she has had the pleasure of teaching all levels of students from beginners to advanced. While she teaches all ages, her vocal studio primarily consists of ages 10 to adults.  For younger vocal students, Jocelyn uses more of a holistic music education approach: focusing on healthy singing, ear training, and rhythm skills.

Her experience as a vocalist ranges from touring and performing as a singer/songwriter to performing in cover bands to session singing for TV/Commercial. Jocelyn has released three albums, dozens of singles, and spent four years touring nationally. Her recordings have garnered over 22 millions plays on Spotify and over a million plays on Youtube. Jocelyn was also one of ten singer/songwriters out of 17,000 to be chosen as a finalist in the Guitar Center Whooznxt Competition. Currently, she works as a recording artist, studio singer, special event vocalist, and is a church staff singer.

Having the opportunity to sing and teach different styles in a variety of situations has enabled Jocelyn to explore the infinite potential of her voice and the voices of her students. Like a fingerprint or an individual’s DNA, every person has a unique voice that is unlike any other. Every person is musical and capable of expressing their unique musicianship. Regardless of whether you are a professional musician or have been told you cannot sing, she believes the voice is one of the deepest expressions of the soul and worth exploring regardless of where you are starting from.

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Santa Monica Studio

“(Jocelyn) Thank you for helping me with focus, soft palette, harmonies, how to go crazy & jazzy, and how to sing sweet and classical. Thank you for helping me as a singer-not only with technique and style, but to be confident and not care if everyone else is doing something different. I can do jazz or classical or whatever I wanna do. Thank you for all you’ve done for me; for being a fantastic teacher & friend & for believing in me. I always walk out of class with a smile and a more positive outlook on life."

--May, Marina Del Rey, CA

“From the moment I walked into her studio, I’ve felt a positive energy. Ms. Scofield has something that can light up a whole room. Happiness exudes from her entire being. She’s the type of person I feel like I’ve known for years. People like her are very few and far between in my opinion. As a teacher, Ms. Scofield not only critiques her students in a positive way, but really makes you feel like you have no boundaries in any musical endeavors. I’ve never had a teacher seem to genuinely care and love her students as much as Ms. Scofield does.”

--George – Los Angeles, CA