We offer private piano lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level piano students, ages 5 and up. Our teaching focuses on learning to read music, rhythm, ear training and piano performance technique. Students are encouraged to experiment with all styles of music, and may choose from classical, jazz, rock, gospel, pop and blues.

Our Piano Teachers

Piano Lessons

• Learn to enjoy playing for personal pleasure or for public performance.

• Learn to read music and improve your aural skills.

• Enhance your performance skills, build self-confidence, and express your inner creativity.

• Learn phrasing techniques, expressiveness, and finesse in your playing.

• Build your repertoire from music of all styles and historical periods.

• Learn to play by ear, improvise, and create your own compositions.

• Learn to accompany yourself when you sing.

Richard Berman (Westwood, CA & In your home)

Suzanne Lukather (Orange Heights, Pasadena, CA)
Lori Moran (Orlando, FL)